Susan Boyle Global Star

Susan Boyle - Global Star. The reality TV star talks about how she dumbfounded the judges on Britain’s Got Talent to become a global sensation, world wide, via youtube, dominating the web …

Susan Boyle, 48, unemployed

The 48-year-old church volunteer’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent has propelled her from obscurity to global stardom. She is a volunteer at Our Lady of Lourdes church in Whitburn, Scotland, that visits elderly members of the congregation at their homes several times a week. She admits ruefully, however, what with all the sudden media attention -- including a reported invitation this past Thursday to appear on Oprah -- "I haven't had a chance to see them this week."

In to a Global Star

Since Boyle's participation on Britain's Got Talent, she didn't stop arising, and this week will reportedly be the Andrew Lloyd Webber composition "Whistle Down The Wind". Boyle’s powerful voice, which silenced the cynical judges and those in the audience who sneered because she wasn’t groomed or glamorous, is expected to make her wealthy beyond her modest dreams.

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